Point of Contact – Hungary

Took place at the Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum Esztergomi Vármúzeum Rondella Galéria, the dansk Folke kunst Transfere exhibition spring 2016.


Simone Aaberg Kærns work “Point of Contact”  have 4 elements:

1) High quality 4K video installation filmed with full movie crew, 12 horses and 12

mounted archers.


2) A decorative presentation of hand build bows and 100 arrows.


3) An performative action where bows and the one hundred arrows are taken from the

walls by visitors and a mixed group of invited participants.

A mixed group of participants are invited to shoot bow and arrow – two people to one bow. Now the visitors are them selves shooting the hundred arrows, with a little white paint on the arrows they createtogether stars on a dark blue sky.


4) In the end of the action participants, help to take the blue wall into the gallery and

mount the star filled blue sky, next to the video projection.


Woman in front of the short film “Point of Contact”. She is “attacked” with bow and arrow from the video, while facing the wall with mounted bows and arrows.


Boy takes bow and arrow from the gallery wall.  Then go to participate in shooting stars on the night blue wall on the outside of the gallery.
After the shooting, the wall is taken down and carried inside the gallery. Then it is mounted, in the videoinstallation, where the bows and arrows where installed in the beginning.


“Point Of Contact”  video, HD, 4 mins loop with loud sound.


The video: A beautiful summer day turns ugly with a normad attack: Mounted archers are targeting the visitor in a very confronting way as arrows are shot into the camera, surround sound design support the feeling of being targeted.

In co-production with Marcell Iyvani and sound designer Jaques Pedersen, post production 4Cut. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

Artistic Director Simone Aaberg Kærn www.skysisters.com 

Horseback Archery Artist Lajos Kassai

Horseback Archers Daróczi Dániel

Tóth Gábor Attila

Vas Dávid

Tóth Gábor

Molnár Dávid

Bank Zsolt

Vermes István

Ujj Kristóf

Vermes Vilmos

Goják Erik


Horseback Archers Assistants

Members of the Kassai Horseback Archery School, Hungary  www.lovasijaszat.hu

Director Of Photography Zsolt Tóth HSC

2nd Unit Cameraman Bálint Kolozsváry

Focus Puller Levente Nánási

Recording Soundman Károly Várhalmi

Mixing Soundman Jacques Pedersen

Assistant Emily Vereshshagina


Postproduction Supervisor Szabolcs Győrffy

VFX Artist Laura Földeák, Ádám Kirsch

Postproduction Line Producer Viktor Ligetfalvi


Postproduction House 4CUT Post Digital  www.4cut.hu

Thanks to Endre Schwindl Schwindl Ltd.  www.schwindl.hu

Szarkafészek Vendégház és Kisgazdaság  www.szarkafeszek.hu

 Coproducer Szabolcs Győrffy

Technical Director Marcell Iványi

Producers Simone Aaberg Kærn / Marcell Iványi / Gábor Hörcher

 Production Company KraatsFilm Production/ Flying Entreprise Productions.  www.kraatsfilm.com